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Our firm provides professional M&A advice, restructuring advice, and real estate infrastructure industry advice based on the industry's best business performance capabilities and experience.

M&A advisory service

Valuation and Due Diligence

Restructuring advisory

Real estate advisory services

M&A advisory service

- Deal structuring of M&A-related transactions

- Capital financing arrangement and advisory (in-bound and out-bound Transactions)

- Process advisory (Deal Process Consulting) such as merger, division, stock exchange, business transfer, etc.

Valuation and Due Diligence

- M&A transaction support

- Evaluation for financial reporting through asset fair value and impairment testing

- Evaluation for intangible assets

- Financial modeling through business plan preparation support

Restructuring advisory

- Advisory on preemptive restructuring strategy and management normalization plan

- Financial advice and preparation of rehabilitation plan for rehabilitation procedures

- Due diligence and evaluation of bad debt held by financial institutions, and transaction advice

Real estate advisory services

- Advisory on acquisition and sale of domestic and overseas real estate

- Development project business plan establishment and feasibility review

- Advisory services for public offering-type PF projects and planning proposal-type PF projects

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