Financial institutions and many companies are recently funding through structured finance and also investing on such instruments.

These transactions may influence a lot on the company's accounting and taxation, that companies shall establish precise planning and alternative measures.

Under this rapidly changing financial circumstances, we have accumulated know-how and secured experienced experts in this sector to provide best service. We especially focus on ABS, PEF, and Fund along with IB sectors to cover SOC, NPL, real estate, and M&A, and optimum accounting and tax services for successful investment.

Independent auditing for SPC/ PEF/ Fund

Mandatory auditing and voluntary auditing

Tax adjustment works for SPC/ PEF/ Fund

Tax adjustment for settlement and other tax issues

Due diligence and evaluation SPC/ PEF/ Fund

Due diligence on bonds, stocks, real estate, and credit derivatives
Evaluation of bonds, stocks, real estate, and credit derivatives

Accounting and tax service for establishment/liquidation of SPC/PEF/Fund/Conduit

Accounting and tax service for establishment and deal structure of SPC
Filing tax issues for establishment/liquidation of SPC

Accounting and tax service for issuing structured bonds such as ABS or ABCP

Accounting and tax service in relation to asset-backed securities

IFRS connection conversion service for SPC/PEF/Fund

Conversion of IFRS type and preparation of connecting packages for SPE to be connected to the parent company