Tax Strategy

Prior tax strategies may be of great help to stable management and growth of the company. Therefore, the ex post process and the preliminary tax policies since establishment are very important for the strategic reasons.

We focus on the preliminary countermeasures on the strategic level to guide our client companies.

Tax strategies according to conversion from an individual into a corporation.
Tax strategies upon establishment of a company/non-commercial corporation

Tax diagnosis service
Preliminary asset transfer consulting
Preliminary consulting for gift or inheritance tax
Tax diagnosis and tax investigation supporting service

Tax strategy upon M&A
Preliminary simulation on tax issues according to corporate restructuring
Design for optimum alternatives for interested parties according to M&A or corporate restructuring

Preliminary risk valuation and countermeasures against investigation on transfer pricing
Treansfer pricing planning and restructuring
Documentation for transfer pricing policies
Advance approval of transfer pricing
Mutual negotiation

Risk reduction strategies on tax issues
Analysis on return on investment as well as related tax issues
Establishment of tax alternatives to maximize the profit

Establishment of optimized customs tax strategies in alliance with customs specialists.
Strategies for saving customs tax and utilization for refund system